Can You Really Make Serious Money Running a Online Website?

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I’m asked this  question all the time. The answer is always the same… “Yes!”

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But, let me be very clear about this effort…. You must have a marketing game plan.

Making money online requires focus and a solid marketing game plan with a focus on a niche market.  Hey, I failed a few times trying to make serious passive income online before waking up and “Smelling the marketing coffee.”

For me, the best way to earn income online was selling a digital product.  All you have to do is simply create or find a digital product to sell, build a ‘sales page’ from which to promote the product and then use advertising or marketing strategies in order to drive more visitors to that sales page.

This is a very ‘hands off’ method of earning an income that will generate cold-hard cash while you’re sleeping – and you don’t even need to worry about delivering a product!

But, here’s the problem. It can become limited in scope. What I mean is, eventually, you’re likely to exhaust the market for your particular product and find that the cost of advertising will start to outweigh the profits from your sales.

You stop delivering value to your target market, you stop building relationships and at the end of the day, and you start getting discouraged.


You just have to find your groove, your true passion. The Web is huge. Start building your own brand, build a big audience and then sell products that you are really interested in and proud of.

So, once again, can you really generate the same kind of passive income from a website? How long will it take? Let’s find out…

The Challenge

There are a number of challenges that make it harder to make a passive income from a website out of the starting blocks.

For starters, you’ll immediately find that the money you make from adverts like as Google Ads is not truly comparable to the money you can make from a digital product.  Ads will typically pay out a few cents per click and most of your visitors are not going to click them often.

This is especially true these days with so many people running ‘ad blockers’ and the like.

Another huge problem is that it can take a long time and a lot of work to gain a big audience on a website. You’re going to be competing with the rest of the web and many of the creators you’re going up against will have gigantic advertising budgets.

Huge marketing budgets……

The Strategy

But as with most things, the secret is to work ‘smarter, not harder’.

That means picking the right niche to begin with. By selecting the right niche to enter into, you will be able to avoid going up against huge competition (as you might do if your niche were something broad like ‘fitness’ for example) while at the same time ensuring there is enough of a demand for what you’re selling.

Choose a niche that has clear products to sell to a specific audience and one that will allow you to avoid the hugest competition.

The next strategy is to recognize that you need enough content to climb the ranks of Google and that this content needs to be high quality.

This is where it can be hard to keep your model ‘passive’ but the solutions are either to hire someone who will create the content for you, or to spend a while writing lots of content so that you can post it gradually over time.

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