An Entrepreneur’s Primary Motivation: Freedom

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So, let’s continue. Here’s my thoughts on title above. I’m not always right but I certainly try to keep it as real as possible. Check this out. Most entrepreneurs like building businesses into either small or large enterprises. Not just that, some want to expand into having branch offices and storefronts.

They want buildings named after them, like Trump Tower. Yes, I said it. He was a businessman before President whether you like him or not. And trust me. He’s still building an empire while in office.

Don’t be fooled…

Getting back on track, traditional entrepreneurs want teams of employees to help execute their dreams and desires. You how that is. They want to create generational wealth to pass on to their kids and their kid’s kids.

Well, all the above sounds good. But, for, I ain’t interested in any of that. Well, sharing the wealth, yes. I can work that in to my goals.

But the thought of managing staff, meeting payrolls, and dealing with high A$$^& overhead are just headaches I don’t want to deal with.


Heck, if I had to do all the above, I doubt seriously that I’d be financially independent today.

Real talk.

See, all the above cost money and a boat load of time. I know about time. I served my country for over 26 years in the military and made huge sacrifices.

But, I’m also working toward time freedom right now. Hopefully, you are too. Let’s be real…one of the greatest incentives, as a low-speed entrepreneur, is not about the money. It’s freedom, personal freedom.

The ability to come and go as you please. Do what you feel.

Are you tired of the rat race? What about those long commutes, the bureaucracy, terrible bosses who don’t listen to your ideals, and having absolutely no time for your peeps at home, crazy right?

These are some of the reasons why a lot of traditional employees seek out home-based businesses even if it means a drastic cut in pay. It’s that freedom, baby. Yes, they find it a worthwhile trade-off, you know what I mean?

And by the way, a lot of traditional “Brick and Mortar” business builders have gotten rid of office and staff to move their businesses back home for the same reason.

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