Are You Playing “Doctor” Growing Your Business?

I’m not thinking, I’m just acting. It’s almost an animalistic instinct, I just do what I need to do.


Don’t act like the topic above doesn’t apply to you…It does. We’ve all been there… We all have played “Doctor”at least once…trying to grow a business..LOL!

Yep.. I started with Pre-Paid Legal here in Maryland in the 90’s. Recruited 100 Account Managers in 30 Days and earning over $130+ per sign-up while serving in the military full-time.

Guest what? That %^&* was hard as *()_!

I was playing “Marketing” Doctor on a fly.

Remember when you initially decided to jump into a business that you were probably talked into doing by a friend or relative that promised stupid wealth that took place outside of your secure 9-5 gig….

Yes, we’ve all been there…we were “lost in the sauce” with this one, especially when we obviously lacked the required marketing skills to press forward effectively.

Well, for me, that lack of experience directly contributed to ramsacking my finances and putting me in the hole, jumping from one business opportunity to the next way back then.

They call it chasing the “Shiny Object” syndrome.. back in the day. You know, when you ran to one biz opp to another.

I see people still doing that $%^&*.

I was guilty of doing it too.

Lets be real. Some of you who are attempting to build a business right now don’t even have business cards, professsional emails, or a phone number that forwards to your real number (hidden) to reduce the number of crazy people that just want to terrorize you on the phone rather than purchase your product or services.

So, again, are you just playing “Doctor” with marketing right now? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and not educating yourself on how to do this marketing thing the right way?

Are you dependent on a sponsor to hold your hand verses you learning the business plan and making it on your on?

Well, what I’ve learned is that it comes a time to start working toward getting your Marketing License to effectively market online to your target audience.

Just to be clear about a license…

I’m referring to upping your education. Your marketing education. This is why 97+% of online marketers fail in their efforts to grow a business. But honestly, there is no such thing as failure…merely, feedback, if you will.

Business building is a “Contact Sport!” You need to build relationships and get some marketing materials for your on & offline marketing efforts or people won’t take you serious…

Learn as much as possible if this is a true passion of yours.

I don’t have all the answers for you. But, I learned and became a Super Affiliate with Mike Dillard, Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring and was part of My Lead System Pro at the inception. Because of my affiliation with these two marketing giants, I have made $1,000’s monthly and continue to earn online and offline while approaching my target market. I’m not into the “Shotgun” marketing approach and hopefully, you aren’t either.

Ready to change your lack-luster approach to on and off-line marketing?

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