Is Your Sales Letter Strong Enough?

Can you avoid not having a sales letter? Well, the simple answer is “Yes, you can”….if you like being broke, that is.  But, If you really want to take your online marketing business to the next level, you’ll need a sales letter.

A strong one.

You have one page to attract a customer; you’ll lose the opportunity if your sole emphasis is on your business. Remember, your customer’s main concern is fulfilling his or her needs and desires, not increasing the balance in your bank account.


Hey, if you suck at writing sales letter, not to worry, just hire someone to do it for you. You can find some pretty decent writers who are great at creating copy on a few freelance websites like or

If you’ve read a few sales letters that made you want to buy its product or services why not grab some of the verbiage from those particular sales letters and study the crap out of them to learn how the writer used tone, style, pacing, and unique formats to suck you into the overall sales zone?

Here’s a few tips to make sure your sales letter has all the components that line up with a solid copy writing format:

  • A killer headline
  • Focus on benefits over features
  • Great graphics
  • Focus on the “all-important customer”
  • Bonuses with estimated value displayed
  • Powerful closing offer and guarantee

Check out this great resource that I’ve use and still do to get better at creating copy.  Click here to learn more.

Once you’ve finished your sales letter, please make sure you run it through spell-check.

Share it with your friends, relatives, business partners, etc. to review, edit, and provide honest feedback.

They’ll see a few things that you may have missed and tell you just how strong your letter is.

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