Instagram Power Icon Abigail Reveals Her 10 Key Steps to Success

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I got a social media superstar on tap, Instagram Phenom, Abigail Ratchford in the house to drop some “Gems” on how you can become successful online and establish a “Righteous” presence online like a total “Boss!”

Having a clear goal is the first step to success, and for Abigail Ratchford, that goal couldn’t have been clearer: She wanted to be famous…. well, you can’t get any clearer than that, right or wrong?

It’s reported that she has over 8.8 million Instagram followers, OMG…she’s achieved the famous goal and then some.

This female is a beast. She sells her own branded products on her Official Abigail Ratchford site and just recently launched her own app, which offers exclusive and bonus content.

That’s influence for your A$%^!

The social media megastar reveals her personal roadmap for turning her dream into millions of fans — and then turning that fan base into a mega global business.

Ready for her 10 biggest personal takeaways…

1. Take charge of your life and take a risk.

“This social media model lifestyle sort of started by accident. I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I’m a small town girl. I did a photo shoot with a local photographer and he put the pictures up on his Facebook page. Within a few days, the pictures got picked up by Sports Illustrated and other places. So I started to do more and I realized that I really loved doing it. After about a year of doing that, I realized that there wasn’t going to be many opportunities for me in Scranton, so in 2014 I moved to L.A. I developed a whole blueprint plan for myself. And now here I am.”

2. Good things don’t happen by accident. Plan, plan, plan!

“I wanted to be ready to go once I got to L.A. So I did research on all the best photographers, makeup people, hair people, PR companies, videographers — anything I could think of. And I had it all saved in one album marked ‘L.A.’ I lined up a bunch of photo shoots before I got there, I didn’t want to waste one minute once I got off the plane.”

3. Treat other people’s success as great lessons.

“I was building a following with my photos, and around the same time, Kate Upton went really went big with a viral video. I realized that I needed to not just think about photo shoots, but also come up with some fun, crazy video ideas that would go viral and get my name out there. And sure enough, once I went in that direction, I wound up on TMZ and some other sites and my following basically tripled in like two weeks.”

4. Be nice to people who support you.

“When that first video went viral, I reached out to TMZ to thank them for helping put me on the map. And I’ve kept a really good relationship with them ever since. I’ve become really good friends with a lot of the writers and editors and camera people over there. And these are real friendships, we figure out fun things to do together or just chat and catch up with each other. You don’t want to be some fame-hungry person where every time you call you’re looking for a favor. It is definitely important to build these good relationships and have a good reputation in the industry.”

5. Take time to recognize the big moments.

“The first time I was on TMZ was pretty surreal. But my most ‘I can’t believe this is happening’ momentwas last year when I shot for Kanye West’s Zine. I remember walking in for my fittings the first night, and Kanye was in the hallway on his cell phone. Hung up and he came up to me and introduced himself. Kanye West introduced himself to me. I was beyond starstruck.He was telling me how he liked my page and my videos and I just could not speak. I couldn’t believe Kanye West knew my Instagram page. That was super crazy.”

6. Show your audience love — and ignore the trolls!

“I’m always on Twitter replying to comments and interacting with my fans. It keeps my fans and I connected and helps build a bond. They are so supportive of what I do and I like to give that back. I just really ignore negative comments at all cost. It’s so hard to turn your cheek and ignore them, but it’s kind of a slap in the face to all the people who are saying really nice things if you only react to trolls. You just show that you’re more bothered by negativity than you are flattered by positivity, and that’s not a great message to send to your true fans.”

7. Always try the next new platform, filter or innovation.

“Even though my whole career has been built on social media, I’m just so clueless with new technology and my tendency is to stick to what I know. I used to do a lot of Instagram videos and when Snapchat came out, I was like, what is the point? But people told me how fun it was, so I tried it and just loved it. My presence grew on there pretty quickly, and now if a company wants me to post something on my Snapchat, that’s a new revenue stream for me. So it is worth trying new things!”

8. Learn the Instagram pay scale.

“Once you hit a million followers, you can start to a get $1,000 to $1,500 for a sponsored post. And it climbs from there: $2,000 at 2 million and so on, but there is kind of a capping point. There aren’t a lot of companies that will pay $7,500 for one post, for example. So my rate is $3,500 right now to keep it reasonable. But don’t get me wrong,  $3,500 is still a lot of money!”

9. Don’t take just any customer.

“I do a lot of endorsements and I sell a lot of my own branded stuff, like these cool skateboard decks. But I have to like what I’m selling and legitimately think it is cool. I was approached by a tampon company for a post—that was a no. But the best was these things called Dude Wipes. They’re like feminine wipes for men. I was like, no way! You could not pay me enough to endorse Dude Wipes!”

10. Find smart and reliable partners.

“I have a merchandise company that I work directly with that sources products for me, runs my website and does the posters and calendars. I’ve worked with them for the last two years now. They front the costs and then after they recoup, it is a 70-30 split on profits. That’s how it works with us. Looking ahead, I definitely want to get more into beauty stuff. I’ve been hosting a lot of beauty and skin routines to grow my female audience and I hope I can come out with my own line or collaborate with a preexisting line. Girls spend more money than guys will, so that’s my next move.”

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Getting Linked To LinkedIn – The Door To Social Media Professionalism

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Like I said, earlier, Recruiters are all over LinkedIn actively searching for qualified candidates to fill key positions. As a matter of fact, I was contacted and recruited by a major contractor on LinkedIn two years ago to serve as  Senior Advisor, Royal Saudi Air Force, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Dhahran.

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Now, if you want to grow your business presence online, well you’re in the right place. On LinkedIn, companies or organizational activities can post a profile so that anyone who may be doing research on them can see who they are, what they do, their services provided, and even who works for them.

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LinkedIn is no joke when it comes to getting the professional exposure you need if you are serious about business and professional growth. It’s one of the best platforms out there for online marketing bar none.

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Twitter: 140 Characters To Profits

Good people…this blog post is all about Twitter. Twitter Marketing to be exact.

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I try to keep it simple without all the Hype.

Most of you already know about Twitter and probably use it as part of your marketing strategy to build your social media presence. Well, if you aren’t using it, you should.

It’s free…

Firing off short messages up to 140 characters on your profile and viewing other users profiles can make you some money with the right branding and delivery. Of course, you need to have a plan.

Hell, we all do.

Twitter allows flexibility, helps you or your company quickly establish direct relationships with your audience, and provides you with a capability to connect with your base faster. It can also help you save cash on marketing, if you have a budget.

So, let me ask you a question, my friend…. Is your company, brand, or you being tweeted about or retweeted right now? If “Yes,” that’s cool. Whatever you’re doing is working, so”Keep on Trucking!”

Word on the street is that Twitter is the truest focus group on the planet.

What do you think?

If you are the nosy type you can easily find out what folks are saying. All you have to do is use Twitter’s search engine ( to check out what’s hot about a company, person, or industry.

You know what’s so slick about Twitter and Twitter Marketing?

It lets you or your company deliver awesome customer service to individuals and groups, and check this out, because all your subscribers can see the response you tweeted, many of your subscribers will benefit from that one awesome example of “Marketing Goodness” called customer service.

But you got to walk the walk, you know what I mean?

If you are going to set-up a Twitter account you got to put in the work to maintain it.  You must use this marketing platform to get people involved and engaged, forget about yourself.

Using Twitter as a self-serving propaganda tool will not get you or your company any “Cool Points.”

I’ve said this in past post, “You better have a presence of the web if you want online success.” You need to have a Twitter account to stake your claim on the web.

It’s true.

Don’t believe me? Well believe this…a Twitter site is often one of the top web listings in a Google or Yahoo search.  If you have a small company or a start-up affiliate marketer with a small or no budget to post ads, Twitter can serve as your main marketing outlet.

Businesses, for example, that focus on nutritional products can tweet new product additions or hot deals. You can do this right from your mobile, it’s an easy task and absolutely instant.

Even if you or your company has a small website on the web, you can change your Twitter page so it’s visually consistent with your website and whatever branding you already have in place.

Believe it or not, there are some major online entities that could care less about doing this, losing out on a prime opportunity to emphasize their brand.

Hell, just because you or your company is small doesn’t mean that it can’t compete with the big guys.

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Jimmie Wilks, MBA
Managing Director,
Skype: jimmie.wilks

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Need Help With Marketing Resolutions for 2017? – Here You Go!

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Image result for marketing resolutions

The best way to predict the future is to create it

The best way to create the future is by evolving investments. With 2017 newly arriving, marketers have a chance to learn for their mistakes of the past year and begin strategizing about how money and time should be spent in the future.

Is augmented/virtual reality ripe for exploration or too rare to touch? How much personalization is too much personalization? When is it best to use intuition over data?

Marketing is an ever-evolving industry. And if marketers want to remain relevant, they should consider some marketing resolutions for 2017.

Whether the Customer is Right or Not, You Should Listen

The customer is at the epicenter of the entire marketing industry. Presumably, if you please the customer, success shall follow. The greatest way to tap into a customer’s experience is to think like a customer.

“Today’s consumer, or buyer, is incredibly reliant on digital channels as they navigate through a purchase process, and they expect instant access to information,” said Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Campaign.

“To keep up with this empowered and always-on consumer, marketers need technology that goes beyond managing sales and leads, to one that helps manage interactions across channels; provides insights into what is working and where course corrections are needed; provides recommendations; is fully integrated with marketing to align sales and marketing efforts.”

In recent years, brands and marketers have taken the omnichannel approach to appease this multi-layered consumer experience.

However, as technologies advance and more platforms arise, the omnichannel approach may become more layered and more confusing. In order to best navigate these technological waters, listen to the customer.

Embrace Data

Over the past couple years, the importance of data has grown from a basic marketing trend to a necessary tool. From statistical trends, to analytical patterns, to technological shifts, data has the capability to expose marketers and brands to a seemingly endless trough of information.

However, despite the rising importance of data in marketing, there are still those who distrust the concept. If you happen to be one, 2017 is the year to let go of the pessimism and embrace data.

“We need to find ways to establish societal trust in how organizations operate in the emerging data-driven society,” said Sander Klous, partner at KPMG in the Netherlands, said in a report titled “Building Trust in Analytics.”

“The simple reality is that we are moving quickly into a world in which our behavior and decisions are heavily impacted by systems fueled by data.”

Learn Everything You Can About VR, AR

If there were a list of marketing words for 2016, augmented reality and virtual reality would have to be near the top. Over the past couple years, the concept of AR and VR have slowly been making their way into the marketing industry, with concepts such as interactive ads, 360-degree videos, and augmented retail experiences.

“It’s getting more interactive, more personal, and brands are humanized now more than ever, and the more they understand the more personalized and interactive the content is going to become,” said Darryl Villacorta, a social media strategist at Sprout Social.

While the VR and AR concepts still appear to be a few years away from truly integrating with everyday marketing; it is clear the trend is growing, so learn everything you can about it in 2017.

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

With so many platforms and so much data, things tend to get lost in the mix. In order to maintain a focused approach, brands should consider integrating certain aspects of customer relations marketing.

“CRM must seamlessly support both sales and marketing requirements, which includes the ability to alert sales or marketing when something happens that warrants attention; a single accessible view of the customer/buyer; insights into customer/lead behavior throughout the journey, as well as what sales/marketing tactics are working; full funnel visibility into lead/buyer status,” said Swann.

Brands, in order to drive engagement, have and will continue to evolve so that social channels are managed alongside email, web, CRM and other channels managed by sales/marketing.

The Role of a CMO is Evolving, so Evolve With It

The CMO is now expected to lead revenue growth by almost 70 percent of CEOs, according to a report entitled, Connected Interaction to Power Brand: How Marketing is Transforming to Create More Connected Customer Engagement by CMO Council and Deloitte.

“Being a chief marketing officer is not even remotely the same role as it was ten years ago,” said Liz Miller, SVP of marketing for the CMO Council, to Venture Beat about the report. “Before, you were the chief branding ambassador — it was really more about advertising and the introduction of marketing as a formalized process.”

With the meteoric acceleration of all things digital, CMOs, per the report, were forced to evolve from simple creativity to full engagement with data, science and technology.

So to be a successful CMO in 2017, don’t forget everything you know, just understand there is more to learn.

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Jimmie Wilks, MBA
Managing Director,
Skype: jimmie.wilks

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