Twitter: 140 Characters To Profits

Good people…this blog post is all about Twitter. Twitter Marketing to be exact.

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I try to keep it simple without all the Hype.

Most of you already know about Twitter and probably use it as part of your marketing strategy to build your social media presence. Well, if you aren’t using it, you should.

It’s free…

Firing off short messages up to 140 characters on your profile and viewing other users profiles can make you some money with the right branding and delivery. Of course, you need to have a plan.

Hell, we all do.

Twitter allows flexibility, helps you or your company quickly establish direct relationships with your audience, and provides you with a capability to connect with your base faster. It can also help you save cash on marketing, if you have a budget.

So, let me ask you a question, my friend…. Is your company, brand, or you being tweeted about or retweeted right now? If “Yes,” that’s cool. Whatever you’re doing is working, so”Keep on Trucking!”

Word on the street is that Twitter is the truest focus group on the planet.

What do you think?

If you are the nosy type you can easily find out what folks are saying. All you have to do is use Twitter’s search engine ( to check out what’s hot about a company, person, or industry.

You know what’s so slick about Twitter and Twitter Marketing?

It lets you or your company deliver awesome customer service to individuals and groups, and check this out, because all your subscribers can see the response you tweeted, many of your subscribers will benefit from that one awesome example of “Marketing Goodness” called customer service.

But you got to walk the walk, you know what I mean?

If you are going to set-up a Twitter account you got to put in the work to maintain it.  You must use this marketing platform to get people involved and engaged, forget about yourself.

Using Twitter as a self-serving propaganda tool will not get you or your company any “Cool Points.”

I’ve said this in past post, “You better have a presence of the web if you want online success.” You need to have a Twitter account to stake your claim on the web.

It’s true.

Don’t believe me? Well believe this…a Twitter site is often one of the top web listings in a Google or Yahoo search.  If you have a small company or a start-up affiliate marketer with a small or no budget to post ads, Twitter can serve as your main marketing outlet.

Businesses, for example, that focus on nutritional products can tweet new product additions or hot deals. You can do this right from your mobile, it’s an easy task and absolutely instant.

Even if you or your company has a small website on the web, you can change your Twitter page so it’s visually consistent with your website and whatever branding you already have in place.

Believe it or not, there are some major online entities that could care less about doing this, losing out on a prime opportunity to emphasize their brand.

Hell, just because you or your company is small doesn’t mean that it can’t compete with the big guys.

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