Is Your Website Serving Its Purpose?

Hey, it’s a fair question, don’t you think? You didn’t post it on the web to take up space did you? Of course not. You want it to deliver a message.

Hopefully, a very strong one. A strategic website’s core purpose is to serve, support, and sell. Now, some of the goals that you are trying to achieve will vary by company or organization.

Some of these goals may include selling products, sharing information, filling out a lead-generation form, downloading technology, picking up the phone, building credibility and more.

Well, to make these things happen, effective websites comes in all types of shapes, sizes, designs, and most importantly, technologies.

Here’s an amazing fact…by the time you finish reading this post, there may be 600 million+ websites on the Web. This can become a very scary thought for most internet marketers.

It’s enough to make marketers wonder, among all that website noise, “how will their websites be able to effectively compete on the World Wide Web?

Let me answer this question for you…YOU must have clear marketing goals and a solid website plan.  At the end of the day, the only constant with website marketing is change.

Website work is a “Gift” that keeps on “Given!”

The work is never finished.  This might seem like a weakness, in fact, the flexible and fluid nature of websites is their greatest strength.

They become the scalable solution (if done correctly) that can expand and grow to support a company’s expansion or “Bottom-line.” Websites truly serve a company or organization’s goals when they serve the people using them first….Whether you are putting together a website from ground floor or optimizing an existing one, some of my future post will shade light on best practices.

Now, you wouldn’t build a house without having a blueprint on site. It’s the same philosophy and it must be applied to building a successful website.

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