My Biz Opp Is Better Than Yours…WTF?

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So, what’s this post all about?

Well, you should already know by reading the title….

Some of you may feel like your biz opp is better than someone else’s biz opp.

Do you?

I must be real with you, not sure where you got that %^&* from, but it’s $%^&. It seems to me that you may have sipped some of the Marketing Guru’s Koolaid and now in a F$%^&* trance…

Hopefully, this is not the case..

Could be wrong, but I doubt it…

Listen, I’ve been there…It’s bad being in a noncognizant state of mind whereby you are so mesmerized with your biz opp, products, and services that you become incapable of using the common sense that the “Creator” has blessed you with.

Ready for it?…..your products and services ain’t special….You are. Yep. “You Inc.”

Snap out of that product and services sh$%^…please. The success of any business that you join is based on your individual efforts and the value that you skillfully deliver in being a vehicle for what the product or service solves…the problem and and not the company itself, if you will.

How many people have you seen online, to include Facebook and other social media platforms marketing their company and its products while they, themselves, step back in the d%^& shadows as though they are invisible?

What in the H&* is wrong with this picture? People want you upfront, a person of value and the example, not your company’s products or services.

I’ve seen so many would-be marketers on the net exposing their affiliate links that can be hacked without properly cloaking them, slinging links at people they don’t know without properly establishing relationships, trolling the net with the dreaded response, “Hello” or “Hi.”

If you get the “Hello” or “Hi” and you don’t know them, get ready to be “Pitched.” They think their biz opp is better than your or they don’t give a F&*(). Of course the sneek in the subtle “Friend Request” on you and you accept.

I’m guilty as well.

It’s called “spitting in the wind.” And guess what? My face is soaked! I’m sure some of you have wet faces too…

Hopefully, your mouths were closed….

Honestly, it’s not their fault. People like this have not been properly schooled in the arts of marketing, they run a muck with a product or service superiority complex looking like a d*&^% fool on the net and their team members who may have a better grasp on marketing skills turned a blind eye and allow their craziness to continue.

A commission by any means necessary…bye-bye support, Hell, I just got pa-zaid!

Products and services are what they are. “Products & Services.” If you can’t properly articulate or relay what problem these products and services solve or if you don’t understand who your target market is but Hell-bent on using a “Shot-gun” marketing approach, it’s only a matter of time when you find yourself quitting this biz opp that you thought was better than everyone else’ and potentially jumping on the next “Shiny Object” biz opp and remaining broke as a joke.

Education is the key. I had to learn the hard way, but learn I did. Click here to discover what turned my thought-process around.

Stop acting like a fool online. Build a business and adopt some professionalism. Your biz opp is better than mine? “Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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